Influence of Mass Media.

In this age of information technology, mass media, as a form of widespread communication is rapidly changing the way society views and understands itself. It also presents much information about outside worldly event affecting society.

Mass media can be seen as any form of communication which is seen and understand by large numbers of people. Despite communication from other sources like parents, clergy or teachers on relevant topics, mass media has more appeal to larger portions of the population and its information content has a far greater influence on the masses especially if it is seen to get people talking about the topic.

Influence of Mass Media.

The mass media undoubtedly influence the human mind. It seems to have some kind of mystical attraction especially to impressionable minds, and equally the influence of the mass media has a greater effect on younger minds, than those of older, more experienced people

Influence of Mass Media on Youth.

All young people, especially teenagers have a great need for peer recognition. The media recognize this need and will influence the young mind in the following ways.—

-          The media will use magazines, newspapers, TV advertising to attract the teenager.

-          The media information will be aimed at persuading the young reader how he/she can be more popular with his/her peers by using a certain product.

-          The young will be influenced into believing that a certain kind of behavior pattern is the ‘in thing’

-          Equally the mass media can promote fresh thinking habits in the youth. It can drive home the dangers of alcohol or drug abuse, and the dangers of sexual promiscuity

If the mass media were to send out messages which would influence the young for the better, rather than influencing them with the latest craze or ‘cool thing’ .They would making a far greater contribution to society than they are doing today.

Mass media also has an influence on adults. Though in most cases it is to a lesser degree since adults can exercise a greater degree of judgment about just how much of the media content is sheer ‘hype’

Mass Media Influence on Adults.

-          Most adults will turn a blind eye at what the media is throwing at them, and probably have a quiet laugh.

-          Men may show a little interest in the sexual type of advertising. They can often be influenced by temptations offered involving luxurious life styles (available at a cost!), and any form of future financial security.

-          Women will commonly be influenced by advertised products in the media, which suggest that the aging process can be slowed, and other products which will enhance their beauty.

There is no doubt that the mass media in all its forms does influence modern society. If it is used in a constructive manner rather than the ‘blight’ it is seen as by many people today, then it could be turned into an extremely beneficial form of educational communication.

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