Bands Influenced by The Beatles

The 1960’s were undoubtedly a time of huge social change, a new kind of freedom was felt by the youth of the day, there were new styles of dress, new hairstyles, and most of all perhaps a complete change in popular music. To a large extent it can be said that the Liverpool band known as the Beatles had a massive influence on such changes in music.


The Beatles wrote their own music, and their melodies and lyrics have had a large influence on the modern popular music still being played today. Throughout the decades many bands have unquestionably been influenced by the Beatles and their music.


Perhaps the earliest band to be influenced was the American band known as “the Monkees” fronted by a British singer Davy Jones, although many would comment that they were an attempt made by the American music industry to emulate the success of the Beatles. But realistically they were not in the same musical class.


Such artistes as  Elton John and the band Pink Floyd were heavily influenced by the Beatles, and although Elton was a highly trained musician in his own right many of his own compositions exhibited the same melodic content as many Beatle songs.


The 1970’s saw another type of popular music emerging in the form of ‘punk’ and ‘new wave’ music. Artistes in this era such as ‘Sting and the Police’, ‘Elvis Costello and the Attractions’, and ‘Squeeze’ all admit to having their musical style and content to have been influenced by the Beatles.


As music developed into the 90’s the influence of the Beatles was still being heard in many forms. The Gallagher brothers from Manchester were almost obsessed by the Beatles and each of their songs was compared to Beatles material. Another British band heavily influenced by the Fab Four was the Liverpool band “The La’s” with a number 1 hit ‘There She Goes’


If there was any single band who were influenced almost to the point of copying the Beatles style it would be the band ‘Oasis’, who would run a close second to the band known as ‘The Bootleg Beatles’ who unashamedly tried to directly copy the style of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

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