Influences on Classroom Communication

It is not an easy task for any teacher who, because of the subject being taught, has many different classes of students to teach. For the benefit of the students and in order for them to maximize on the information bring taught, it is essential that the teacher have excellent communication with each class.


For the teacher the actual classroom teaching process is relatively easy. It is the behind the scenes work which requires much attention such as the preparation of lesson plans, the setting and checking of examination papers, and ensuring that all students are attending classes regularly.


The task of the teacher is made much less arduous if he or she can influence the students to have a sense of belonging to a small community when in class.


Biological Influences on Gender Identity

Gender identity does not relate to which sex you are, like being a male, a female, or perhaps neither. It relates to how the individual feels to being one of these sexes. Gender identity is usually established by the time a person is three years old.


There are two aspects of gender identification. Biological effects may result from the influence of the level of hormones in the person before and after birth and can be associated with the way certain genes have been regulated. Social aspects can include the way the person is treated by the parents. If a young male child is persistently treated as a girl, then apart from being a male sexually he can often develop a female gender identity.


Factors That Influence Stomata Movement

The stomata are tiny pores in the outer layer of a plant leaf or stem. They control the passage of water vapor and other gases in and out of the plant. The stomata are open in the sunlight of daytime but close in the darkness.


Individual stomata are referred to as stoma. They consist of two outer skin cells know as guards cells which directly control the movement of each individual stoma thus controlling the amount of water the plant loses in the process of transpiration



Media Influence on Morality

There are many sectors in the Christian religion that firmly believe that the media influence on morality is not necessarily a good one. They maintain that while the media has a right to express its thoughts it should do so in an objective manner.


These sectors clearly believe that due to the influence of the media our views toward the sanctity of marital sex is being thwarted, our feelings toward crime are becoming one of acceptance, and the political view points expressed are strongly influenced by the political beliefs of the owner of the media in question



Influences on Memory Loss

Many people believe that the influences on memory loss are primarily due to becoming old. But current research is revealing that there are many other factors which have a direct influence on the memory.


Influences of Health.


-         Serious diseases such as Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and suffering from high blood pressure are all associated with loss of memory. Commonly the stress resulting from such illnesses can equally have an influence on memory loss especially if side effects like depression, anxiety, and sadness are experienced.


Influences of Psychological Factors.



Factors That Influence Weathering

The process of weathering is associated with the disintegration and decomposition of rocks and minerals by natural erosion. It can be caused by the action of ice, frost, wind and rain. The breakdown may be of either chemical or physical.


The weathered material is often transported from the site by wind or the motion of water and the remaining weathered surface frequently forms into distinctive interesting features such as can be seen in Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA.


The two major types of weathering are as follows –


Physical Weathering.



Influences of Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music can be described as a popular music, art form, or dance. It is often characterized by rap music, graffiti types of art, and breakdancing.


The influence of hip hop music originated in the Bronx area of New York in the 1970’s, by African-American groups like Afrika Bambaata, who combined funk and soul music with the Jamaican style of over chanting. Hip Hop has had a tremendous influence on most of the young in western society especially in art and fashion.


Fashion Influences of Hip Hop.  Since much hip hop music provided the inspiration for breakdancing, this in turn has resulted in breakdancers wearing loose fitting extremely baggy jeans and athletic track wear. There are items of large jewelry which adorn the body and many of the world’s leading fashion houses produce goods aimed directly at the hip hop market


Influences on Health 1900 – 2000

Certainly in developed countries and maybe to a lesser extent in third world countries beneficial changes have taken place in the last century in terms of health. In most western societies the average life expectancy has risen from 55 to 75 years since the year 1900.


In the early 1900’s there were no vaccinations available to combat major diseases, and there were no antibiotics to fight against bacterial infection. Birth control was unheard of resulting in families having many children. Birth rates in1900 were 2.6 per 100 people and have reduced by 50% to 1.3 per 100 people by the year 2000. The incidence of child death was much higher then than it is today.



Media Influences on Women

If you spend a little time browsing around selected sites on the internet, you will begin to realize the growing sense of frustration and disillusionment many girls and women around the globe are becoming, with the way they are portrayed by the media.


Many of them feel that their image is being manipulated and badly influenced by such media. They feel that totally unjustifiably, they are being portrayed as objects of sex with many media comments being expressed about female sexual health, sexuality and nudity.


Any young teenager watching an average amount of TV will see about 150,000 references to sex over the year which they find offensive to their image. Many complain that female sexual activities are shown in a totally unrealistic manner often with no reference being made to male sexual activities.


British Influences in India

There have been many British influences in India which have stretched over almost 400 years during the period of the great British Empire. The dominance which Britain had in India is commonly referred to as ‘The British Raj’.


The first Englishman to visit India was named John Newbery. This man was carrying a letter from the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth I, seeking trade with the then ruler of the region Lord Zelabdim Echebar, King of Cambaia as early as 1583.


The formal rule of India by Britain began with the formation of the British East India Company and lasted from 1757 up until 1858.  The actual direct rule of India began in 1858 and lasted until 1947 when independence was granted and India became an independent nation.