Spanish Influence on the Philippines

Until the end of the 19century the Philippines had been under Spanish rule for almost three hundred years, and the Spanish influence on the Philippines has been predominant. There have been other influences absorbed from the USA, Malaysia, and China. Today the Philippines are very much a multiracial society.


Spanish Influence on the Philippines.


  1. Language.  Although the most frequently spoken languages in the Philippines today are Tagalog, Cebuano, and English, the language of Spain was deemed to be the official language up to as recently as 1987. Both Tagalog and English are now recognized as being the official languages. There are still a minority of people mainly of direct Spanish ancestry who use the Spanish language which is very similar to Mexican Spanish.


Influence of the Moon on Tides

Both the sun and the moon have a gravitational influence on planet Earth. It is not only the oceans which are affected but our atmosphere also. However since we live on land the influence of the moon on tides is more readily observed.


The atmosphere will extend into space under the gravitational influence, but the extension of the lithosphere is by about 1ft twice per day. It is this swelling of the lithosphere which affects the world’s seaways and causes the tides to occur.


Gravity is dependent upon the masses of the objects and is inversely proportional to the distance between them. While the moon has less mass than the sun it is much closer to planet Earth, and its effect is greater than the gravitational influence of the sun, providing about 55% of the tidal energy.


Factors That Influence Fairy Tales For Children

Most of us will recall being told stories by our parents in the form of the traditional fairy tale. They seemed relatively harmless at the time. The story of Cinderella and her glass slipper enchanted many a young child.


But it seems that today, in these alleged more enlightened times that the influence of fairy tales on children is coming under close scrutiny. Indeed a recent poll taken among mothers in the UK showed that one quarter of them would avoid telling any of the traditional fairy tales to their children.



New Orleans Voodoo Influences

New Orleans voodoo influences stem not from Haitian or Dominican sources, and as it has evolved it has been strongly influenced by African religions, Native American, and European sources.


-         African Voodoo.  The word voodoo is associated with ‘spirits’ and originated as a form of African religion in about 1529. In the early 18th century New Orleans became the largest center of slave culture in the USA with most of the slaves being of African origin. These slaves would practice voodoo to seek guidance by calling upon spirits referred to as ‘loas’ which they believed to represent an omnipotent God and influenced all matters relating to life.



Beatles Influences

In the early 1960’s the four boys from Liverpool UK, known as the Beatles, had taken not only the UK, but very much of Europe by storm with their unique brand of music.


It was following an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in the USA in 1964 that adulation of the Fab Four was to sweep America. John. Paul, George, and Ringo were not trained musicians but their raw, natural musical talent portrayed a new type of creative energy contained in their self compositions.


Their presentation was totally unlike the stalwarts of American music at the time, the singer Sinatra, and the rock ‘n’ roller Elvis Presley neither of whom wrote their own material. The fact that the Beatles wrote their own material which was commonly produced by their recording manager George Martin created much initial suspicion and controversy in the US.


Influences of Satan

Interpretations of the Bible will suggest that the first couple Adam and Eve were not tainted by any form of evil. It is said that at the end of the sixth day God stood back and was very pleased with his handy work.


The couple were starting life with clean minds and clean hearts such was their innocence; they were both pure beings with a slight bias perhaps to self awareness but certainly with no embodiment of selfishness, greed, or any of the evils which are part of the human race today.



Influence of Pets on Child Development

Any family that owns a pet animal especially a dog or a cat usually treats the pet as being a part of the family. Children tend to form strong attachments to the pet and a strong bond develops between the two. With this in mind the pet animal plays an important part in the child’s life and can play a part in the development of the child.

Influence of Pets on Child Development


It has been observed in child behavioral studies that there is a difference between children who have experienced living with a pet in the family and those who have not.



Boating Under the Influence

For any sensible boat owner it is wise to check out the laws relating to boating under the influence for the location the vessel is to be operated. Laws vary from place to place and many people do not understand that being in charge of a boat, sailing on a waterway, while under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offence.


Boating is used for both pleasure and entertainment. On either occasion it is common to have a few sociable drinks. Care should be taken with the consumption of alcohol because the waterway patrols of the Coast Guard have the same powers of arrest as do highway patrol officers relating to driving motor vehicles while under the influence.


Advertising Influences

Advertising is the public promotion of an item. The item may be in the form of a product, a service, or a business. Advertising is used to attract public attention or to create an interest in the product.


There are various methods utilized for advertising. It can be in the form of leaflet handouts, pictures or small articles can be placed in magazines and newspapers, but more commonly the advertising influence is seen on the many commercial TV channels available.


The medium of advertising is designed to target consumers and influence their purchasing habits, to the benefit of the company selling the product or service. While we all need the basics of life such as food, something to wear, and a place to live, there is always a choice available in terms of quality, content, and price.


Influences on Classroom Communication

It is not an easy task for any teacher who, because of the subject being taught, has many different classes of students to teach. For the benefit of the students and in order for them to maximize on the information bring taught, it is essential that the teacher have excellent communication with each class.


For the teacher the actual classroom teaching process is relatively easy. It is the behind the scenes work which requires much attention such as the preparation of lesson plans, the setting and checking of examination papers, and ensuring that all students are attending classes regularly.


The task of the teacher is made much less arduous if he or she can influence the students to have a sense of belonging to a small community when in class.